What does the calculator do?

The CSPA calculator allows U.S. immigration professionals to quickly determine whether or not the child of a derivative beneficiary has aged out as per Section 3 of the Child Status Protection Act (Treatment of Certain Unmarried Sons and Daughters Seeking Status As Family-Sponsored, Employment-based, and Diversity Immigrants).

Also, the calculator determines if the beneficiary has timely sought the status of permanent resident within one year from when the priority date became current.

If the beneficiary has not taken any steps, the calculator will indicate how much time is left before the child is no longer protected by the CSPA.

The calculator is designed for U.S. immigration professionals such as immigration attorneys, paralegals, USCIS and DOS officers.

The results of the calculator are not offered as and do not constitute legal advice or legal opinions. See the disclaimer below.


Derivative Beneficiary Date of Birth
Petition Filing Date
Petition Approval Date
Priority Date Not Current

Date Priority Date Became Current
Select the step taken to seek LPR status and its date:

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